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The world is facing great challenges. Climate change requires immediate action in many fields, as outlined in the Paris Agreement of 2015. Infrastructure is a key sector here, since it mostly still involves heavily polluting materials such as concrete containing cement, and steel. Furthermore, in the Western world the older post-war bridges and overpasses will need to be replaced in the years to come. Moreover, slow but green traffic such as cycling requires an extension of the network, including bridges. In the Netherlands alone, some 40,000 bridges are to be refurbished or replaced in the next 20 years. And despite a sometimes already impressive cycling network, many countries continue to expand it even further, as cycling becomes even more popular than it is already in a lot of nations. For many of these challenges Pontiflex has sustainable solutions.


Pontiflex Brug

Our solutions

Design and production of modular bridges made of sustainable materials.

This means a doubly sustainable solution, as it combines easy-to-build-and-adapt bridges with circular materials. Traditional bridges and overpasses are made of steel and cement containing concrete, which are heavily polluting. The design of these bridges is often complex and expensive. Moreover, they are difficult to demolish and to remove. In contrast, Pontiflex bridges are mostly pre-designed and prefab, can be quickly (dis)assembled, adapted or moved. Moreover, they are made of circular materials, including FSC-certified wood, a revolutionary bio-composite, recycled plastics or cementless concrete made from old asphalt and industrial waste. Furthermore, our costs for design, construction and long-term maintenance are very competitive in comparison with conventional non-modular and non-sustainable bridges. And: the environmental gains are substantial.

2. Consultancy, project management and communication.

Infrastructural projects are often complex in terms of general management and control of budgetary and technical challenges, costs for design and construction, consequences for the environment, citizens’ wishes and requirements. Pontiflex is looking forward to helping you here with:

  • advise on latest developments in sustainable materials, such as new products and production processes reducing CO2 emission
  • supervision of decision-making processes in infrastructure, including citizens’ participation, project management and budget control
  • communication at all levels during an infrastructural project

We have ample knowledge in sustainable infrastructure, plus hands-on experience as designers in political decision-making, process and policy analysis, civic engagement, and communication. We are happy to cooperate with you in selecting and developing the best sustainable connections.

Een reportage van RTL Z over onze baanbrekende fietsbrug (cementloos beton!) in Wageningen:

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